Company Dataset

Gain visibility to a business firmographics, size, and performance.

The introduction of Company Analysis provides visibility to a business's size base and performance in the market by analyzing and reporting at the company entity level, which is how competitors are viewed by the business.


Batch API and REST API have different Keys

Make sure you're using the correct API Key with the query

Example Request:

    "latest": true,
    "granularity": "daily", 
    "delivery_method": "download_link",
    "response_format": "csv"

Company Firmographics Table:

Table URL:

Primary Keys: domains

Metric NameDescriptionSupported GranularityType
company_nameCompany nameMonthlyString
company_headquarters_countryCountry of company headquartersMonthlyString
company_headquarters_stateState of company headquartersMonthlyString
company_headquarters_cityCity of company headquartersMonthlyString
company_headquarters_zip_codeZip code of company headquartersMonthlyString
company_estimated_revenue_rangeCompany's annual revenue - generated with information from multiple sources and calculated using our unique methodologyMonthlyString
company_employee_rangeCompany number of employees rangeMonthlyString
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