New REST Endpoints: Keyword Phrases for Desktop and Mobile

Reveal the keyword phrases associated to any website and understand which groupings drive the most search traffic on both desktop and mobile.


Search Keywords Dataset Update: Zero Clicks Share Metric

A new metric, 'Zero Clicks Share', has been introduced to the Search Keywords dataset. This metric reveals the percentage of searches that result in a Zero-Click, where the search engine results page (SERP) answers the user's query at the top of the page, leading to no further clicks. Explore the Zero Clicks Share Metric


New Metrics in Website Dataset: Online Revenue and Site Description

Two new metrics have been added to the Website dataset on our Batch API. 'Description' retrieves the meta description of a website, providing a snapshot of site content. 'Online Revenue' estimates the site's online revenue in USD, applicable to e-commerce sites. Explore the new metrics


Marketing Channels: Paid and Organic Search Split

Our Batch API now includes an enhanced view of marketing channels, showcasing a breakdown of traffic sources by type, including paid and organic search. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of the traffic-driving channels for any domain. Discover Marketing Channels Insights


Introducing the Technologies Dataset in Batch API

Our Batch API now features a comprehensive new dataset on over 5,000 diverse web technologies. Updated daily, this premium dataset provides deep insights into technology adoption, utilization, and trends, making it a vital resource for lead generation, competitive analysis, and market research. Note: This dataset is available to select subscription tiers. Discover the Technologies Dataset


Shopper Product Keywords in Ecommerce Dataset

We've expanded the Ecommerce dataset within our Batch API to include a new range of metrics for ecommerce product keyword analysis and research. This enhancement offers deeper insights into keyword performance and trends in the ecommerce space. Explore the new dataset


New Endpoint: Geography Data (Total and Mobile)

We've introduced a new endpoint in our REST API, focused on geographic traffic insights. This endpoint delivers detailed traffic statistics, including total traffic share, visits, pages per visit, average visit duration, bounce rate, and country-specific ranking, for a selected period (minimum of one month). Explore the Geography Endpoint


Segment Analysis Update: Unique Visitors Metric Added

Our segment analysis now includes a key metric: unique visitors. This enhancement to the Segments Total Traffic endpoint allows you to access a broader range of traffic and engagement metrics for predefined website segments, encompassing both desktop and mobile traffic. Metrics include visits, traffic share, confidence levels, and now, unique visitors. Learn More About Segment Analysis


New Batch API documentation

The latest update to the Similarweb API includes the official documentation for the Batch API, now presented in a more user-friendly format. Key enhancements include datasets for Batch API, webhooks, Snowflake integration, AWS S3 integration, and the Shoppers/Ecommerce dataset.
The Batch API is optimized for large-scale data extraction, allowing batch jobs for comprehensive data requests, ideal for historical data analysis and periodic updates. Key datasets include Website Intelligence, Website Referrals, Website Audience, Website Technologies, Search Keywords, Company, and Apps Datasets


Limitations on new iOS download data

As of Nov 30, 2022, new data for iOS downloads will not be available. Historical data will continue to be supported.