Check Capabilities

This endpoint provides a detailed overview of your account's current capabilities based on your subscription package.

The endpoint returns the following:

  • Remaining data credits at the account level.
  • Available country filters.
  • Accessible historical data.



There is no cost in terms of data credits for querying this endpoint. It's free to use as part of your account management.


Replace {{YOUR_SIMILARWEB_API_KEY}} with your actual API key.


api_key: Your unique Similarweb API key. Enter it without the {{ }} brackets.

Example Request:

curl --location -g '{{YOUR_SIMILARWEB_API_KEY}}'

Example Response:

The response provides a JSON object detailing your available credits, data access ranges, and countries. Here's a truncated example:

  "remaining_hits": 24763083,
  "web_desktop_data": {
    "snapshot_interval": {
      "start_date": "2020-10-01",
      "end_date": "2023-10-31"
    "countries": [
      {"code": "AR", "name": "Argentina"},
      {"code": "AU", "name": "Australia"},
      // Additional countries...
  // Additional data categories such as web_mobile_data, app_data...



The response includes comprehensive data such as available countries and data ranges for web desktop data, web mobile data, app data, and app engagement data, with corresponding start and end dates for each category.