How can I see if new daily data is available?

Call the 'Describe' endpoint

You can find the latest date of available data before you start calling endpoints by using the “Describe” endpoint. This endpoint does not cost any hits.

You’ll find the last available date under ‘response/traffic_and_engagement/countries/world/fresh_data’.


"response": {

       "traffic_and_engagement": {

           "countries": {               

"world": {                   

"start_date": "2020-08",                   

"end_date": "2021-07",                   

"fresh_data": "2021-08-14"               


In the example above, the 14th August 2021 is the last day (included) for which you would get data if you retrieve the information for the last 28 days - see the example response below.

Subscribe to Data Release Webhooks

Subscribe to notifications via the API to be automatically updated when new daily and monthly data becomes available, please refer to