Popular Use Cases


The world's most innovative companies leverage Similarweb API to meet their unique business needs, transform their decision-making, and outperform their rivals.

What can you do with Similarweb data? The possibilities are endless! But In this article, we'll take a look at a few of our most popular use cases.

πŸš€ Optimize ROI on marketing campaigns

Empower your digital marketing/growth marketing teams to find new ways to deliver impactful campaigns. Aggregate data from a limitless number of domains to identify traffic acquisition opportunities and optimize marketing spend. Pull the freshest insights into your internal dashboards for ongoing analysis and automated reporting.

Relevant endpoints:
Desktop Marketing Channels
Mobile Web Marketing Channels
PPC Spend

🀝 Identify winning affiliate partnerships

Boost your affiliate marketing efforts by automatically analyzing partnership opportunities for millions of domains at once, and see which websites can help grow your share of voice.

Relevant endpoints:
Incoming Traffic - Desktop
Incoming Traffic - Mobile Web
Organic Outgoing Links

πŸ” Supercharge SEO/ PPC efforts

Analyze groups of keywords at scale to discover thousands of high-performing keywords and to create a market-leading strategy, both organic and paid search (+branded / non-branded). Combine Similarweb's daily keyword data with other data sources into Tableau or other visualization tools to save time and gain a comprehensive, unified view of your competitor's performance.

Relevant endpoints:
Organic Keyword Analysis
Paid Keyword Analysis
Non-Branded Keywords

πŸ›οΈ Optimize conversion funnels

Retail, eCommerce, and CPG companies use Similarweb API to track consumer behavior across channels at scale from discovery to conversion. Uncover competitors' sales performance as it occurs to identify new growth opportunities. Cut the manual work and have data delivered directly into your dashboards for more efficient decision-making.

Relevant endpoints:
Conversion Analysis
Segment Analysis

πŸ’Ό Enrich your CRM

Feed your B2B sales efforts with the right data, at the right time. Set insights to automatically refresh so that you can support your sales operations team with up-to-date firmographic and technographic data - directly into Salesforce, or wherever they need it most.

Relevant endpoints:
Lead Enrichment
Website Technologies
Top Sites

✈️ Analyze global travel audiences

Understand shifting consumer demand and destination patterns at scale to grow your market share. View visitation and booking metrics, like conversion rate and converted visits, to find the best-converting channels for any travel, hospitality, or leisure brand. Identify the destinations that are garnering the strongest consumer demand and automatically monitor who is winning the battle for consumer bookings.

Conversion Analysis
Organic Search Keywords
Popular Pages

πŸ“ˆ Automate trading and investment decisions

Hedge Funds & Investors use Similarweb's API to feed millions of data points daily into their predictive algorithms to evaluate brand strength, company performance, and traffic YoY and QoQ. Combine Similarweb's alternative data, along with other alternative data sets within tableau or other internal systems to simplify decision-making.

Conversion Analysis
Monthly Active Users