Rate Limit

Similarweb API empowers companies to accelerate and scale their analysis workflow by providing market-leading insights across millions of websites - transforming the way business-critical decisions are made.

We continuously work to optimize the performance and stability of our API. This is why our system limits the number of requests users can make to 10 requests per second. This ensures we can:

⌛ Reduce the risk of downtimes
⏱ Minimize latency
📈 Enhance system stability

Users exceeding 10 requests per second may receive an HTTP code error: 429 “Too many requests”.

In order to avoid this, you may need to adjust your API integration with a cap of 10 requests per second. Alternatively, speak to us to hear about our Batch API - optimized for bulk data reports of up to 1 million domains at once.

For more information, or to get assistance from one of our technical specialists, reach out to us here.