Error Codes

Here are the various HTML responses you may receive when using Similarweb REST API.

401Data not found
This error occurs when the requested data cannot be found, which may be due to a faulty or incorrectly entered domain (e.g., '' or 'CNN.COM' instead of '').
Double-check the domain name for accuracy. Ensure it is entered correctly and in the proper format (e.g., lowercase for domains and without additional paths like '/sports').
403Invalid API key / No Credits
This error is triggered when the API key used is invalid or your account has run out of data credits.
Visit the API management page on the Similarweb platform to verify your API key and check the remaining data credits. Ensure your key is correctly entered and your account has sufficient credits.
429Too many requests
This error is returned when your account exceeds the permissible limit of requests per second.
Reduce the frequency of your requests to stay within the limits. Consider spacing out your requests or implementing a rate limiter to avoid this error.
101Dates not in range
This error indicates that the requested granularity level is not supported by the AP
Refer to the error message for the dates available within your package’s range and adjust your request accordingly.
102Granularity not supported
This error indicates an unexpected issue on our server. It's a server-side problem.
Review the API documentation to verify the supported granularity levels and adjust your request to match these specifications.
103Country not available
Occurs when you request data for a country not included in your package (e.g., requesting data for Germany when your package only supports the United States).
Use the 'Check Capabilities' endpoint to confirm the countries included in your package. Ensure your requests are limited to these countries.


Important note

Please be aware that if you encounter any of the aforementioned error codes (401, 403, 429, 101, 102, 103) or receive a response with a 0 value when querying our API endpoint, these instances will not incur any charges to your account. This policy ensures that you are billed only for successful and valid data transactions.


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