List Webhook Subscriptions

Retrieve a list of your existing webhook subscriptions.



api_keyStringYour Similarweb API key (Insert without {{ }} brackets)

Example Request

curl --location -g ''

Replace YOUR_API_KEY with your actual Similarweb API key.

Example Response

    "subscription_id": "brdfh9fe-0cg8-42fg-afge-56dfhg258d0",
    "webhook_event_type": "Monthly",
    "url": ""
    "last_update_date": "2024-05-10"

Response Fields

subscription_idStringUnique identifier for the webhook subscription
webhook_event_typeStringType of event that triggers the webhook
urlStringURL where the webhook notifications are sent
last_update_dateStringDate of the last update to the subscription

For additional information, please refer to our Webhooks API Documentation.


Price: calling this endpoint does not cost any credits.