Unsubscribe from Webhook Events

Unsubscribe from a specific webhook event using the subscription ID. This action requires a PUT request to the provided endpoint.

Endpoint URL:
Use the following endpoint URL to unsubscribe from a webhook event. Replace {{subscription_id}} with the subscription ID you wish to unsubscribe from, and {{YOUR_SIMILARWEB_API_KEY}} with your actual Similarweb API key.



  • 'api_key': Your unique Similarweb API key. Enter this parameter in the request URL without the {{ }} brackets.
  • 'subscription_id': The ID of the subscription you wish to cancel. Include this in the endpoint URL as indicated.

Example Request:
Below is an example curl command to unsubscribe from a webhook. Replace {{similarweb_api_key}} and {{subscription_id}} with your actual API key and the subscription ID, respectively.

curl --location --request PUT 'https://api.similarweb.com/v1/webhooks/unsubscribe/{{subscription_id}}?api_key={{similarweb_api_key}}'