Apps Dataset

View key app usage, audience, and ranking metrics to evaluate app performance and benchmark your app's performance against competitors.

The Dataset is utilizing multiple tables.


Batch API and REST API have different Keys

Make sure you're using the correct API Key with the query

Example Request:

    "countries": ["WW"],
    "start_date": "2022-12-01",
    "end_date": "2023-06-01",
    "granularity": "daily", 
    "delivery_method": "download_link",
    "response_format": "csv"

Apps Premium Table:

Table URL:

Primary Keys: apps, country

Metric NameDescriptionSupported GranularityType
apps_daily_active_usersReturns the number of devices that have used the app in the selected period of time.Monthly, DailyDouble
apps_unique_installsReturns app unique installs from the store.Monthly, DailyDouble
apps_downloadsReturns the app downloads from the store.Monthly, DailyDouble
apps_sessions_per_userReturns the average number of times each active user opened the app per day.Monthly, DailyDouble
apps_avg_usage_time_per_sessionReturns the average time spent in an app per user per day.Monthly, DailyDouble
apps_avg_total_usage_time_per_userReturns the average total time spent in an app per day.Monthly, DailyDouble

Apps Demographics Table:

Primary Keys: apps, country

Metric NameDescriptionSupported GranularityType
apps_demographics_male_percentage, apps_demographics_female_percentageMonthlyDouble
apps_demographics_age_18_to_24_percentage, apps_demographics_age_25_to_34_percentage, apps_demographics_age_35_to_44_percentage, apps_demographics_age_45_to_54_percentage, apps_demographics_age_55_plus_percentageMonthlyDoubl
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