Get the core keyword metrics, along with the most up-to-date position within the inputted time frame and position change.


  • Campaign ID: Which campaign is being pulled
  • Start data: When you’re pulling the campaign data from
  • End date: The end date which you’re pulling the data from
  • Scraping Configurations - This will include the ID, Search engine, location, device, and language configurations you set up in your campaign(s).
  • Site: primary website you’re pulling the keyword metrics for
  • Tags -If you have tags allocated to keywords within your campaign, you can analyze your weighted average position, visibility, and clicks for a group of specific keywords that are tagged as a topic or cluster, rather than a single keyword, (optional)

The output includes:

  • Keyword
  • Top URL: The URL which ranks best
  • Location: Country, city, zip code
  • Tags: Allocated to a group of Keywords
  • Monthly Search Volume of the last date, CPC (average of last 12 months),
  • Keyword difficulty: Ranking difficulty measurement
  • Intent: Search intent (Transactional, informational etc.)
  • Site SERP features
  • Position of the last day in the requested time frame and change from the position on the first day in the time frame (e.g. when querying January 1st to January 30th, the position will be of January 30th, and the change will be vs January 1st).
  • Page size: How many results from a given page
  • Page: How many pages are shown

Limit: 100 results by default and configurable, limited to 1000

Offset: Offset 1 for limit 100 will provide results 100-200

Asc: Available

Sort: Keywords sorted by Search Volume