Error Codes

Here are the various HTML responses you may receive when using Similarweb REST API.

403Invalid API Key or out of data creditsVisit the API management page on the Similarweb platform to verify your key and remaining credits.
401Data not foundThis can be for a faulty domain (, or for an incorrectly entered domain (CNN.COM,
101Dates not in rangeEither pulling historical data prior to your allowed package’s range, or pulling future data. The error response message indicates the dates available.
102Granularity not supportedVerify the granularity supported in the API documentation.
103Country not availableIf your package only supports US and you try to pull DE, you will receive this error. Use the 'Check Capabilities' endpoint to verify the countries included in your package.
429Too many requests made in a short period of timeReturned if an account exceeds the limit of requests per second.



If you receive any of the above error codes or a 0 value back from querying any API endpoint, your account will not be charged any hits.

If you need help troubleshooting, reach out to your Account Manager or our Support team here.