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Our Technologies dataset offers comprehensive insights into more than 5,000 diverse technologies used across the web. Updated daily, this dataset provides valuable data on the adoption, utilization, and trends of various technologies. It's an indispensable tool for generating new leads, conducting competitive analysis, and performing general market research.


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Metric NameDescriptionSupported GranularityUse Case
installation_dateThis metric records the date when a particular technology was first installed or implemented on a website.DailyIdeal for tracking the adoption rate of new technologies and understanding market penetration over time.
uninstalled_dateIndicates the date when a technology was removed or ceased being used by a website.DailyUseful for analyzing technology lifecycle, customer retention, and reasons behind technology turnover.
technology_descriptionProvides a detailed overview of what each technology does, its features, and its applications.DailyEssential for understanding the functionality and potential uses of a technology, aiding in market segmentation and targeted marketing strategies.
technology_parent_categoryCategorizes each technology under a broader parent category, such as CRM, CMS, E-commerce platforms, etc.DailyAssists in broad market analysis and understanding larger technology trends and shifts in major categories.
technology_categoryOffers a more specific classification of the technology, providing insight into its niche or specialized area.DailyIdeal for in-depth, granular analysis of technology trends, competitive landscape in specific segments, and targeted lead generation in niche markets.
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