Intro to the Batch API Datasets

The Similarweb Batch API is designed for handling large-scale data extraction tasks. Instead of making individual requests for each piece of data, you submit batch jobs that specify the data you need and receive the results when the job is complete. This approach is suitable for scenarios where you require extensive historical data, long-term trend analysis, or periodic data updates.

Batch API Datasets:

Website Intelligence Datasets:

  • Websites- Traffic metrics for any website, including visits, engagements, ranking and more..
  • Website Referrals - Incoming and outgoing traffic data from websites
  • Websites Audience - Audience and demographic analysis for cross-browser behavior of a website's visitors/audience
  • Website Technologies - Offers comprehensive insights into more than 5,000 diverse technologies used across the web.

Search Keywords Dataset

  • Site Keywords - keyword that drive traffic to specific websites, broken down by total, paid and organic channels
  • Keywords - deep dive into keywords by volume, CPC, difficulty and zero clicks

Company Dataset

Apps Dataset

  • App engagements - view app usage, audience and ranking metrics to evaluate app performance and benchmark

Ecommerce / Shoppers datasets - uncover consumer shopping behavior to optimize your brand performance

  • Brands and categories
  • Top brands in category
  • Top products in category
  • Top keywords in category
  • Top products in brands
  • Top keywords in brands