Segment Marketing Channels - Desktop

Returns traffic and engagement data per traffic channel for a predefined website segment. Desktop devices only. Historical data goes back 37 months, depending on your subscription.

last 28 days (weekly)
by marketing channel (source type):
bounce rate,
pages per visit,
visit duration,

To retrieve ‘Last 28 days’ data, remove the start_date & end_date parameters and set granularity to “weekly”.



Hits and data credits will be charged per metric requested, e.g - metrics=visits (1 data credits), metrics=visits, share (2 data credits) up to total of 2 metrics (2 data credits). Pulling this data is limited to 1 concurrent request.


How to find your Segment ID

  • Use the 'List Segments' endpoint OR
  • Visit an existing segment on the Similarweb platform, and extract the ID from the URL.


Premium Endpoint

This endpoint is available to customers with access to the Segment Analysis feature in their subscription. Reach out to your Account Manager for more information.

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